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Чудесный человек Lisa Armstrong (ZQC) поделилась двумя транскриптами свежих интервью каста о пьесе "Smokefall". Через какой-то месяц Закари будет выходить на сцену в трех разных ролях, в том числе в роли зародыша внутри утробы матери, который спорит с братом, стоит ли этот мир того, чтобы в нем родиться. Необычность проекта такова, что поневоле задаешься вопросом, что же каст и, в частности, Зак, в этом находят.
Надеюсь, пьеса именно так поэтична, красива, глубока и хороша, как они о ней говорят. :sunny:

Zachary Quinto joins us to chat about Star Trek Beyond, the passing of Leonard Nimoy and his new play #Smokefall

Behind The Velvet Rope Interview | January 2016
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I = Interviewer, Z = Zachary Quinto

I: Hey everyone, it’s me, Arthur Kade. So Zachary Quinto, you’re back on Broadway. I was just telling you I love The Glass Menagerie. This thing looks like it’s going to be incredible.

Z: Thank you.

I: What brought you back?

Z: We are officially off-Broadway, I have to be… to parse. But… you know, I love every opportunity that I have to be on stage. I love MCC and what they do and how they do it. It’s a really phenomenal company and I’ve seen a lot of plays at the Lortel that they’ve produced, and always been impressed by their sense of bravery and honesty in the work that they do. It’s been really inspiring to me as an audience member, so I’m thrilled to be a part of the company as an actor. And the play itself is haunting and beautiful and complicated and surprising and exciting and poetic. And to work with Annie Kauffman is a huge gift. I’ve really enjoyed the work that I’ve seen of hers over the years, and felt inspired by it. And so, you know, all those ingredients and the opportunity to be back in New York and on stage kind of added up to being really excited about it.

I: The play takes such a unique look at family and really how love can help us overcome pretty much everything in life. It’s like, we’re only here for 5 minutes so we might as well love, right? That’s really what it focusses on.

Z: It does. I mean, it’s a little more complicated than that in terms of how it explores what we inherit from our families and what we ultimately have no choice in inheriting, the things that we carry with us from generations past and the things that we pass to generations future and how, as beautiful as those things can be, they can also be inordinately painful and really challenging. So it does also look at the idea of, can we change? Are we able to outrun those aspects of our lineage that might not serve us in this iteration or in this life? And so, yes, ultimately I think it does look at love and take that position, which is, that is all we have in the end. But it’s not quite so simple or straightforward. There’s a lot of cyclical nature to this play and a lot of evolution that maybe doesn’t appear to be as complex as it actually is in the end.

I: I was thinking about you because we just started 2016 but in 2015 we lost, I’m a Trekkie, and we lost one of the all-time greats, Leonard Nimoy. Playing Spock, has it taken on additional meaning for you now that we’ve lost such a great sci-fi icon and you’re carrying on that legacy?

Z: Yeah, I would say so. I mean, Leonard and I were dear friends so the impact that had on my life was much more personal than it was creative, ultimately. The role is the role and the fact that he created it and fostered it for 50 years with such compassion and intelligence and love speaks volumes of him as an artist. But as a person, that’s the loss that I feel most deeply. I miss him all the time and think of him - I had a very profound dream about him last night, actually - and feel like he’s very much a part of my life moving forward and he’s very much a part of what I do. He was like a father to me in so many ways and so it’s the personal void that I feel. And I think, as a result of that, I probably approached the third movie, and if we do more movies after this one…

I: You guys *inaudible*? You need to! (по-моему, репортер восхитился возможностью съемок 4-го фильма – Е.м.)

Z: We’ll see. You’ve got to start your campaign now. But, you know, I think that I do carry a little bit more responsibility with me now, being the sole survivor and sole portrayor of the role.

Cast Members Discuss Smokefall | January 2016 |

Interviewer: Zachary Quinto is returning to the stage in Smokefall off-Broadway. We’re here today at the show’s rehearsal studios in mid-town Manhattan to catch up with the cast and creative team.

Interviewer: Talk to me about the world of Smokefall. Where’s it set?

Noah Haidle: It’s set in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where I’m from.

Brian Hutchinson: It is also set in, kind of, an alternate universe in some ways. It spans the generations and takes place over an undisclosed amount of time. So we sort of, are watching a family in a house, in some ways.

Zachary Quinto: And there’s such a haunting poetry to it, and there’s such a depth of humanity in the work, and the scope and scale of it is really broad. And it kept working on me after I read it. It kept coming up and it kept demanding my attention, and those are the kinds of projects that I’m interested in.

Robin Tunney: Thematically it was something that was quite familiar, the idea of a family, which I think is well-explored terrain for a very good reason: we all have one, so the audience can really identify with it. But it was so experimental and groundbreaking in the storytelling. Noah is an amazing writer, so imaginative, and it’s filled with all of these really universal, heavy themes. And just when it’s gotten so heavy you don’t know if you can take it anymore, it’s hilarious.

Anne Kauffman: For me, what’s so amazing about Noah’s writing is, I mean, this is a play about a family over several generations, and, sort of, the sins of the father, coming home to roost, and his children trying to wrestle with his sins.

Julia Garner: It is about change, and it’s about family and how family changes in time. And I always feel like that’s a very sensitive subject for everyone.

Zachary Quinto: So the first act I play a character called Footnote who is ostensibly the narrator of the play and gives the audience information that the characters in the world of the play aren’t giving the audience. And in the second act I play a foetus, an in utero foetus. And in the third act I play the adult son of the foetus I played in the second act. So, yeah… it’s not so much conventional.

Robin Tunney: There is an entire act that are my twins in utero, talking about coming out or not, which, I’d never read anything like it.

Zachary Quinto: I hope there’s a quality of lingering introspection that comes from the play. I mean, I hope it’s really enjoyable in the moment, I hope that people see the humour in it as much as they see the heart in it, but I hope that it’s something that continues to reveal itself after the experience is over.

Brian Hutchinson: I hope that audiences love this play as much as I did when I first read it. I think it’s beautiful, it’s lyrical, it’s poetic, it’s smart, it’s intelligent. He sees life through a really interesting filter and I think to understand that the greatest act of courage is to love, which is a part of this play which I think is universal, and I think that’s what people should take away from it.

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Все-таки три у него роли, ура! :)
Читала осенью про оригинальную постановку этого спектакля в Чикаго того же режиссера и как раз подумала, что эта фишка с тремя ролями могла бы быть тем, что Зака заинтересовало, к тому же одна из ролей с музыкальным номером.
Отзывы про ту постановку в основном хорошие. Интересно, поменяет ли режиссер что-нибудь существенно или просто адаптирует под новый каст. Насколько я понимаю, техническая часть команды, кроме режиссера, другая, а в той поставке очень хвалили декорации.
В общем, уже не терпится посмотреть что у них получится.

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tirientales, ух ты, с мызыкальным номером?! то, чего давно хотелось. Может, это подтолкнет наконец кое-кого заняться своим вокалом посерьезнее :plush:.
...Да, очень не терпится :inlove:. Только мы мало что увидим, театр же сам выбирает, какие фрагменты показать на ю-тьюбе? Н-ну, Signature Theatre Company так и не показала тот кусочек, которого я жаждала - как Зак читал Каддиш для Роя в Ангелах в Америке. :weep:


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