Newsweek: Spock on Spock (май 2009): видео и транскрипт

Египетская мау

Автор транскрипта Lisa Armstrong (ZQC)

L = Leonard Nimoy, Z = Zachary Quinto

L: Fascinating.

Z: Fascinating.

L: Fascinating! It’s a great character touch. I didn’t come up with that, the writers handed me that. What a gift. It’s a great character touch.

Z: Yeah. I know, and he’s a fascinating character so it’s an appropriate word.

L: Fascinating!

Z: Fascinating!

L: Fascinating!

Z: I do get to say it once in the movie.


L: It’s complicated, because I was in trouble, every time we come to do Star Trek again, whether it’s for a movie or whatever, I’ve had to go through a process with the people that were making them. Particularly if it’s a new person because… not only is there craftmanship involved, there’s a certain amount of artistry involved. And if a shape isn’t right it gets me crazy, as… “That’s not the way it should look!”

Z: How were these ones for you?

L: I thought they were OK.

Z: Yeah?

L: They worked. I thought yours were very good.

Z: Yeah, I thought so too. Seamless.

L: I got jealous. You ears were… why were your ears better than mine?!


Z: Well, the physical transformation in general I think is so key.

L: Yeah.

Z: So important. I know I felt like, in the morning, two hours or so in the make-up chair, and as we get to the end of the process it really felt like a kind of emergence of the character a little bit, you know. Like, I would come to work in the morning as my sleepy self and then, over that two hours, I really felt like something solidified.

L: I recognise that. I recognise that. For ?Annie Philip?, she used to do my make-up on the early shows and the early films, used to say that about a halfway through you could see me getting into, drifting into the character. And I could see it emerging in the mirror.

Z: Yeah. Exactly.


Z: I’m sure Leonard can do it faster, right, more experience, but I would like to dispel the myth that was printed today in the New York Post that I can’t do this. So they say.

L: Oh. Oh, really.

Z: That bastion of class and accuracy, the New York Post.

L: Wrong!

Z: So, yeah, probably Leonard has a little bit more of the experience on the…

L: I’ve been at it longer.

Z: Yeah. And he invented it. I mean, not invented it, but appropriated it. Right? Every red carpet I’ve ever been on, “Quick, do the hand! Do the hand!”. No, guys. I’m not gonna do it.


Z: Leonard gave me an incredibly wide creative berth. There was no part of him that wanted any proprietary connection to what I was doing with the character. He was really supportive in that way, and available to me in whatever way I needed him to be. But I felt like you were just supportive, you know? I would say.

L: I never felt that I… that he needed me to say, “Do this”, or “Don’t do that”, which was… We talked very generally about the philosophy of Star Trek and the nature of the character. But he’s a trained actor and knows how to go about doing his job.


L: We [William Shatner] are very good friends. We see each other regularly, yeah, I think he’s OK about it. He was in one of the movies that I was not in, I think it was number seven, Star Trek 7? The first of the Next Generation movies. And I’ve just accepted as a fact that the movie was really about his relationship with Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard, and I wasn’t involved. 18 years later we come out even!


L: No, that’s impossible. No way I could tell them…

Z: You do remember the first thing you said to me though, in the elevator, right? When the elevator doors opened and you said, “You have no idea what you’re in for, kid”. Then out the door…

L: Did I say that?

Z: Yeah!

L: How presumptuous! Did I call you kid?!

Z: But true! Yeah, I think there was a “kid” at the end there, but that made it all the more endearing. I mean, it’s true though, you really can’t, you could never describe that experience, and the variations that exist within the experience of the fans. I mean, I’m just now starting to realise that. Just now.

L: It’s just the beginning.

Z: Yeah.

L: Have they found out where you live?

Z: Shhhhhh!


Z: As we speak I’m building, I’m fortifying my house. Building a fence, and a gate and getting security and all those things.

L: Good idea.

Z: All things preventative. Boundaries, though both physical and personal, I think, are just a big part of going through something like this.

L: Yeah, it’s complicated. It’s very flattering, at the same time it can be daunting. I remember one night, driving off the lot after… when we were making the series, and there were a group of fans at the gate, the studio gate. And I was flattered that they want to be there and want autographs and so forth. Then I drive away and I realise that they’re following me in the car.

Z: Yeah.

L: So I think, well, if I drive home I’m gonna lead them directly to my house. So I charged ahead and got through a couple of yellow lights, hoping that the red light would stop them. Pulled out away, a street that I don’t normally take, got into some strange person’s driveway and sat for about 15 minutes and then drove home. And I got to my house and they were there in front of my house, waiting for me!

Z: Already when you got there? Oh my god.

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2015-11-08 в 13:00 

miss cheesecake
my mistakes were made for you
Египетская мау, спасибо тебе и человеку, сделавшему трансткрипт! :heart:
передай этой чудесной Лизе, что "you're awesome! thanks a million from all russian fans <3333. we can only hope you'll be around and still interested in doing this when Star Trek Beyond press tour starts :)"

2015-11-08 в 15:36 

делать подпись под аватаром нелогично
Спасибо большое!)) Да некоторые моменты действительно ускользнули от меня, теперь стало все понятно :heart:

L: How presumptuous! Did I call you kid?!

Z: But true! Yeah, I think there was a “kid” at the end there, but that made it all the more endearing....


2015-11-08 в 20:54 

Египетская мау
miss cheesecake, ой, какая ты предусмотрительная умница! Этими словами и передам. А как сказать "Мне поручено передать?" I am instructed to convey? Наверное, чем больше она меня читает, тем больше это стимулирует ее помогать с транскриптами :laugh:
WwW25, Лиза очень оперативно сработала, умничка такая. Если вспомнится что-то еще, пиши!
Зак, по-моему, слегка тащился от этого леонардова "kid". Даже возмужалому человеку хочется иногда, чтобы его чутку приголубили, и у меня от Зака в общении с Леонардом как раз такое ощущение - сдержанно приголубленного. Без сюси-пуси, но отчетливо.

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miss cheesecake
my mistakes were made for you
Египетская мау, тогда так the russian community asked me to tell you that you're awesome! thanks a million from all russian fans <3333. we can only hope you'll be around and still interested in doing this when Star Trek Beyond press tour starts :)
она бы нам правда очень помогла с интервью Зака и Криса, потому что когда они начинают выпендриваться или перебивать друг друга, я могу моментами не разбирать, что они говорят :alles:

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Египетская мау
miss cheesecake, спасибо, лапик, я ей обязательно это напишу, как только она принесет что-нибудь новенькое. За прежнее уже поблагодарила, как смогла. :)

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miss cheesecake
my mistakes were made for you

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Египетская мау, спасибо! :sunny:

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Египетская мау
miss cheesecake, tirientales, с радостью. :dance2::dance2:


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